Keeping the Dad Bod at Bay

We've all heard the infamous term 'dad-bod' before, probably far too often. When my wife and I found out we were having our first baby girl around two years ago, one of my first thoughts (outside of overwhelming happiness, joy, and excitement) was "man, I am NEVER getting a dad-bod!" With fitness always being such a huge part of my life, whether training for football in college or weight training post-college, it just didn't deem like a possibility.

However, soon after our amazing little girl was born, five trips to the gym a week turned into a few at-home workouts, and I quickly realized those at-home workouts weren't helping me get closer to my fitness goals. And don't get me wrong, priorities absolutely change. Supporting your spouse and baby trumps everything else in life. But, it's also important to stay healthy and strong for your family and strive toward personal fitness goals.

At home workouts for dads

So where am I at now? I'd like to say somewhere in between body builder and dad bod (hopefully closer to body builder :)). The best advice I can give is to be relentless in taking steps toward your fitness goals and don't be afraid of improvising. Whether your goal is working out 7 times a week or 1, make the commitment to yourself and be flexible when you need to. No time to get to the gym? No problem, just wake up a little earlier or stay up a little later! Too tired once your little guy or girl goes to bed? A quick cup of coffee fixes that! Keep your end goal in mind and you'll find a way.

But most importantly, have fun and get your little bundle of joy involved with an at home workout for dads . It may not fit in your workout plan perfectly, but nothing beats throwing on the front pack and going on a hike, or doing push-ups in the living room with your kiddo on your back. Trust me, everyone will have fun and you'll get one (baby) step closer toward keeping the dad-bod at bay.